The Minute Bistro: Pay for time and get the food free

The Minute Bistro Pay for time and get the food free

The first Anti café’ in India where you need to pay for the time you are there is making new in India. The first of its kind in Bangalore, where the people are charged per minute basis for using the café’

You have to pay Rs 5 per minute for using the café’ ever since you step in. The concept is very popular in Russia and has been copied by this café’ to turn itself into a profit making restaurant. The café’ is very high class and well designed. Earlier, their food costing was very high and the cost of production was equally high. As a result, people would find them expensive and that is how they were running into big losses.

Until last year, when the owner of the café’ felt that if time is so important for all and it is money for most of them then why not bill the people for the amount of time spent in the café’. The café’ is named ‘Minute Bistro’ as the charges are per minute basis. This new concept proved put to be a turnaround for this café’. Now people not just like the concept but also hang out very often for meetings, interaction or just to eat outside.

On an average, if a person spends about an hour in the café’ than the average billing for an hour will amount to just Rs 300. And, you can have as much food from the choices available as you want. This new concept is referred to as ‘Anti Café’. The café’ is designed to provide you with a great ambience along with a lot of games and magazine that are quite entertaining and a crowd puller as well. It is surely a must visit place in India.

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