The Nat Geo Global Award Winner of 2016 was orphaned at the age of 15


Bravery is testimonial not to a high or long journey but a grueling one. That applies to the life Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita from Nepal who was orphaned at 15 with a younger sister to raise, little expectations, aims or success in life. She was awarded the National Geographic adventurer of the year award for 2016.

Akita, a 31-year-old mountaineer from Nepal received the prestigious award given only to those who show humanitarian values in the premise of adventure. She was chosen as the esteemed recipient of the award for her immaculate efforts in helping the Nepal earthquake victims in 2015 and for becoming the beacon for the younger generation. To Akita, her sense of adventure lies in here every attempt to provide unrestricted support for her society. Her felicitation became a glorious moment for all Nepalese but a far more historic commemoration for the Sherpas.

Akita, a girl raised in Lukla, Nepal, stretching towards the nether regions of Everest showcased the very sense of adventure she preached when she ascended the tallest peaks of the world (Everest, K2 et al) through sheer willpower and dedication. Her definitive adventure proved to be her untiring efforts to serve the underprivileged in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake of April 2015.

Pasang Lhamu proved her mettle for conquering terrain by becoming the first woman instructor of mountaineering in Nepal. At the age of 19 she was one of the first students at the Khumbu Climbing Center (KCC) the first school in Nepal to offer official mountaineering training to the citizens.

The news of Pasang being accredited with the National Geographic’s 2016 Adventurers of the Year became the only gleaming solace for the nation that had to bear nothing but torrents this year. Pasang’s dedication and sheer brilliance in her expeditions as well as missions has become a true inspiration for the next generation of Nepal. Her sincerity for her project to provide fundamental education to the deprived young women has set an example to lead the way for the nation.

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