The story of Irom Sharmila is getting ready in script and her Biopic is set to make with Taapsee Pannu, the Pink actress, says reports

Pic: Pink movie /

Biopics are trending in Bollywood. One after the other, this seems to the latest ongoing trend in the industry where filmmakers have been taking real lives character and transforming them into their script and finally showing their real lives on screen and as known, 2016 is the year mostly slated for Biopic movies, may it be MS Dhoni or Mary Com or any other personality Bollywood has been taking all and in the series of promising biopics, a biopic of Irom Sharmila also joins the list.

The movie is titled as, Imphal and is going to be directed by a debutant director Vikas K Dwivedi, to be produced by Hansal Mehta and with Taapsee Pannu in the lead. The film is in the pre-production stage, claims a report from Mid-day.

Talking about Irom Sharmila who hails from Manipur and is a civil right activists. She is also known as Iron Lady and came into limelight after she recently broke her 16-year-old fast.

According to the mid-day report which clearly states that Pink actress Taapsee Pannu has been approached by the producer to play as the main protagonist. A biopic of a strong lady was her dream and she’s really excited to get this offer after being approached by the film-maker.

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