The Tamil movie ’’Visaranai’’ is the first official entry in Oscars from India and ten facts about this film are just incredible


It was in the month of February in 2016 a Tamil film named ’’Visaranai’’ hit the movie halls in India. This film directed by Vetrimaran was highly appreciated for its story and for the performances of the actors. The below ten facts about this film are really superb.

This story written by Chandran is based on the incidents that took place in his life. This Chandran is a auto driver. It must be noted that this Chandran and his three close friends were arrested in Guntur, AP in 1983 and were subjected to brutal treatment by the police there.

It is now confirmed that he wrote a novel about his incidents in his life and brutal treatment of him and his friends and this novel was made into a story for the film ‘’Visaranai’’.

Actor Dhanush who is ver popular now and busy was supposed to act in this film but could not but he became one of the producers for this film along with Vetrimaran.

It is now said that the makers of the film were so interested to send this film to Oscars though the film would face issues regarding the risk of piracy etc. It must be noted that dialogues were muted in certain scenes and music was present in the theatre version.

Director wanted to screen this film in Cannes, Toronto etc and got more than he expected. This film was the first Tamil film to get screened in Venice International Film Festival and is superb.

This film got rave reviews from critics, celebrities etc and was a moderate success at BO. This film won the Best Feature Film in Tamil, Best Editing and Best Supporting Actor titles at the 63rd National Awards.

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