The unfair reaction of people to Muslim and Non Muslim women being physically abused

The unfair reaction of people to Muslim and Non Muslim women being physically abused

The society often tends to behave differently with people of different cultures. Is the culture and language such an important factor that we can keep a woman’s security on stake ?

This social experiment is like a cherry on the top in proving this fact.

Initially a Non-Muslim couple is taking walk in a public park, having some conversation. The guy seems to be little disturbed from the conversation, and slaps his lady. People present in the park at once approach the couple and enquire the lady if she needs any form of help. The public immediately rescues the woman.

It is really breathtaking to see this gesture of people, as they came forward to help the woman in need. But what happens next will amaze us all.

The same couple in the second instance is dressed up as a Muslim couple, who are now conversing in Arabic. The guy follows the same procedure and slaps the woman again, But the public has a different story to tell. No one seems to be bothered about the girl who is being physically abused in the public. The guy repeats his actions again but no one is moved.

Does the ‘hijab’ of the woman make her a different one? Isn’t physically abusing her equally wrong as physically abusing a Non-Muslim woman? It is just because we have different views of looking at a situation for people of different cultures. We might be born to different sections of society, but we all are born humans. Respecting woman of all the cultures is equally important. Let the outfit does not decide who needs to be protected and who need not. The difference need to be made, today and every day.


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