The Zero Productions: The cabdriver and the woman safety #Nirbhaya Special

The Zero Productions The cabdriver and the woman safety #Nirbhaya Special

The video depicts a message which needs to be highlighted as much as possible, because the woman security has become an issue of major concern.

Here, a young lady hires a cab in order to reach her destination; the cabdriver seems to have his eyes on the gorgeous lady as soon as he arrives.

The background music plays an impressive part in the video. Initially an FM announcement about the rape crimes is being made, as soon as the cabdriver sees the woman, he switches music to a Hindi number. The woman being exhausted sleeps in the car. The driver could not lay his eyes off the lady and keeps staring at her in the rear mirror of the car.

Soon he takes the car to a lonely road, and it is a shocking view to see him coming out of the driver seat and going towards the passenger seat, in order to take advantage of the situation. As soon as he moves his hand forward to touch the girl, an announcement in radio is made that the ones, who commit rape, will be hanged. No form of lenience will be tolerated against them.  Listening to this, cab driver withdraws his hand and drives the girl safely to her destination.

The question that arises here is “Is the capital punishment ultimate solution to rapes?” “Will there come this day in India when the criminals committing this crime will be hanged to death as soon as possible?” The punishment will be so severe that no one dares to commit such crimes again.

The other important aspect highlighted in this video is the responsibility of the cab drivers is to take women travelling alone, safely to their destinations. India should be such a country where people not out of fear, stop committing such crimes, but they should stop committing them out of their moral values.

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