These two kids Maya Eshwaran and Gopal Raman impressed Michelle Obama in the White House with their touching speeches


Many Indian-American kids are doing superbly now and have become cynosure of many eyes all over with their amazing enthusiasm plus determination to excel. It is now brought out in the open that Indian-American girl named Maya Eshwaran attracted many people’s attention in the White House recently with her touching speech and Michelle Obama who is wife of USA President Barrack Obama was highly impressed.

At the National Students Poet award function First Lady Michelle Obama felicitated this Maya Eshwaran and others like Gopal Raman for their amazing poetic skills.

This Maya Eshwaran vented out her feelings and said she had not spoken her mother tongue Tamil for last three years and spoke about how she has lost more than she has lost in the last 16 years of her life in USA. Maya also shared her displeasure about how she had lost her ethnicity.

These touching words by Maya impressed USA First lady Michelle Obama. Maya also spoke about how she writes poems based on her Tamil culture as she was born to Tamil parents. It is now said that she got interested in poems ever since she was in middle school. Maya said the replacing Tamil with other language was tough. It must be noted that another boy named Gopal Raman was also awarded at the event and he is based at Dallas.

This Gopal Raman’s dad is from Chennai and his mom is from Kerala and was inspired by his English teacher who made this Gopal Raman to write poems. This 17 year old Gopal Raman wants to become a doctor in the future.

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