This animation film titled ‘’Long Way North’’ where a young girl waits for her grandfather to return from his long expedition journey is highly inspirational


We all love our grandparents as they always showed great love and affection for us without demanding anything in return from us. Here this article is all about a story of a Russian girl named Sacha who likes her grandfather very much and is hoping that one day he would return from his expedition journey.

It must be noted that this animation film” Long Way North” story is set in the 19th century in Russia and Oloukine the grandfather was a well known scientist plus Arctic explorer who is on a mission to find North Pole for which he had staked his total career. The sad thing here is the granddad has not returned from his journey and is presumed dead.

It is great to see the young girl Sacha who has not lost hope and is waiting for her grandfather to return. Sacha does many things like other normal girl does and doesn’t show any emotions outside. It is important to note that she goes to the ball, meets her suitor etc. It is now said that inside her heart she is caring for her grandfather and she was fascinated by the adventurous life of an explorer and wants to become one.

At this point her parents do not agree to her wish and they object. Sacha then runs away from her home in search of her grandfather and his ship. This touching story showcases the struggles Sacha encounters and how she comes out of those problems successfully. This story is must to watch as it is highly engaging and the concept is also good. The animation is simply superb and takes the viewers to another level. Great!!

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