This article on blood donation explains the need to donate blood voluntarily and is really touching and informative

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Blood donation plays very crucial role is well known to all. This blood donation saves the lives of many people who are in need of the blood during the times of emergency. Some people show interest and donate blood whereas rest don’t take the initiative to donate blood.

A man named Parth Thakur is getting blood transfusion ever since he was a kid and now he is 20 years of age. Parth Thakur is suffering from Thalassemia problem and needs two units of blood every 15 days so that he could live. It must be noted that though he has got regular blood donors doctors and blood bank authorities have asked his family to find more new blood donors.

Now the issue is finding suitable blood donor for this Parth Thakur and it has fallen in the family of this man. This has caught the attention of a person named Vinay Shetty who is the vice president of Think Foundation an NGO involved in voluntary blood donation. According to Vinay Shetty the responsibility of finding suitable blood donor must be done by the blood banks and not the patients and their families. Blood camps must be organized regularly so that blood stocks would be sufficient at the times of emergency.

It is also brought out that people with cancer and those having dengue fever needs blood platelets regularly and platelets cannot be stored for over five days and shortage occurs. Khusroo Porecha who is the founder of Indian Blood Donors expressed his thoughts regarding this issue and said voluntary donation of blood is very important.

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