This Bengaluru based MoneyTap recently started app based credit line facility for the people to get loans and it is really superb


It is known that processing credit applications for loans take lots of time sometimes and creates many issues for the people. Most people would have dreamt of getting their credit applications to be processed quickly so that they could get the loan amount fast and till now it was a issue. But not anymore!!

In Bengaluru a start-up named ‘’Money Tap’’ recently launched an app based credit line facility. The superb point to note is the consumers could get loans from Rs 3000 to Rs 5 lakh and their credit applications could be processed in matter of few minutes. It is now confirmed that the money taken by the people could be repaid in equated monthly instalments from two months to three years of time period.

Another piece of information is the rate of interest would vary from 1.25% to 1.5% per month. According to Mr Kunal Verma who co-founded this Money Tap along with others the power of both personal loan and credit card are combined together in this app based credit lines. It is great to note that any salaried person would be able to download this free app in few minutes and it could be done using chatbot interface.

It is now clear that this superb apps connects with banking system and gives instant approval as well as credit limits and upto 5 lakh amount could be got from banks without any collateral. Now MoneyTap is launched in association with The RBL Bank and in future many banks would be linked to it. Superb!!

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