This Bubble Zoom from Google is making comic reading an awesome experience on mobiles

This Bubble Zoom from Google is making comic reading an awesome experience on mobiles

Reading comics in mobiles will never be same like before. Google has introduced ‘’Bubble Zoom’’ that could highlight text bubbles while reading comics in Play Books. It is often said that reading comics in mobiles is difficult and by this the reading of comics in smart phones as well in tablets would be superb for the users with amazing never before experience.

It is said that the image recognition technology that is used here is just amazing and it picks out the speech bubbles present in comic and highlights while reading is on. Even while reading process is going on a person can move from one bubble to another bubble by means of volume up and down buttons. By this Bubble Zoom zooming in around the page could be saved now. It must be noted that at the San Diego Comic – Con this new feature was introduced. It is known that even in bigger phablets text bubbles become small and makes the readers zoom in and out. So this new feature would be awesome.

It is now confirmed that this Bubble Zoom would be made available in the recent version of Google Play books for Android. It is said that the app is licensed to sell the digital copies of all Marvel DC volumes. Some feedback is also expected now by the Google so that neural network of computer would be taught of identifying speech bubbles more accurately. It is said that the tool must work on all comic books. The good news is Google is giving 50% off of select Marvel and DC comics. Superb!!

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