This film ”Singalila” showing the 14 day journey through Sikkim and Nepal Himlayas is simply superb


Produced by Dhanraj Gurung, RED Panda Tours and Travels and created by George Thengummottil, Keratoconus Foundation India this film titled ‘’Singalila’’ shows the 14 day long Trek along the Singali la ridge. Yuksam in West-Sikkim is popular place and it is from this place a team of three consisting of George, Alexa and Blanchet takes this long trip along with ten porters to help them. It must be noted that two guides plus a cook are also travelling in this journey and the award winning film shows these superb places to the viewers.

The third highest mountain in the planet Mount Kanchenjunga is located in both Nepal as well as in Sikkim and it has got an elevation of 8586 mtr. It must be noted that this team members go to north to a place called Goecha La pass to see this Mt Kanchenjunga and later travel west to Nepal’s border or Singali la ridge. The journey doesn’t stop here and the team then travel south along the Singali la ridge so that they would be able to see both Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest.

It is interesting to note that the team then go to village located at the border of India and Nepal that has nomadic yak herder on the 13th day of their journey. The superb point about this film is it is shot using camera that run on solar charge as there were no power supply facility. It is really shocking that George Thengummottil has Karatoconus which is a eye disorder that causes distorted vision. It is now said that during his young age he lost his hope of his life because of his vision. According to him travelling gives happiness and solace and travelling is one of the best medicines for his eyes.

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