This film titled ‘’Ab Rab Havale’’ directed by Rithika Bajaj Vijra is all about the problems faced by a family during 1947 partition of India and is really touching


The year 1947 would be ever etched in the memories of many Indians and Pakistanis. It was in this year India was partitioned into India and Pakistan. At that time many families suffered during partition and many left their close friends and other relatives and got settled in Pakistan.

This film ‘’Ab Rab Havale’’ is all about a family that was caught in the issues of the partition and the emotional aspects the family faced as they got removed from their known place and sent to an unknown place. The film has got superb star cast like evergreen actress Farida Jalal. It also has got many actors like Anup Soni Shilpa Saklani, Agnihotri, Pooja Joshi etc doing their roles superbly.

The music is composed by none other than Ritesh Nalini and it is now said that the mellifluous voices of Mahalaxmi Iyer and Sonu Nigam has taken the film to another level.This film was screened and was appreciated highly by many who saw. The director Rithika Bajaj Vijra has taken great efforts to show India in the year 1947. Rithika shared her thoughts regarding this film and said she was inspired by her grandfather who used to narrate these stories of India’s partition to her.

It is well known that even after the partition the relationship between India and Pakistan are not good with many border problems still going on. This short film is now released on the special day of Gandhi Jayanthi would make people realize that either during terror attacks or surgical strikes no body is the real winner and many untold stories are only made. Jai Hind!!

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