This Hippo roller is making the lives of many people easier in Africa

This Hippo roller is making the lives of many people easier in Africa

Carrying water over long distances is really back breaking and tough. To do it day in and day out requires lots of strength both physically as well as mentally. This carrying of water has become daily routine for women in many places all over the world. A technique developed recently makes carrying of water more easier and efficient than ever before.

In Africa Hippo Roller is making its presence felt in many rough roads and is making the lives of many women happy. It is said that drum has the capacity to hold 90 litres of water and the presence of huge opening helps in filling much easier and cleaning is also easier than before.

Known as Aqua Roller before this roller was invented by two engineers named Petzer and Jonker. The year 1997 saw the works of these two engineers getting recognition. They received ‘’Design for development Award for their work. One main advantage of this Hippo Roller is it can be transported in shorter time when compared to the normal process.

In the beginning the container was made to hold water but now it is used to hold valuables and other dry materials. This Hippo Rollers have reduced the burden of villagers and many school going girls. Girls who used to miss schools to help their mothers in carrying water are able to attend classes now. Awesome news!!

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