This Indian born George Hunter played for Manchester United team and is superb

This Indian born George Hunter played for Manchester United team and is superb
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The news that would surprise many Indians is there was a player named George Hunter from India who played for the famous Manchester United club. It is often said that this Manchester United or MU club is the biggest club in the country of England and playing for that club is simply great. This Nowshera, Jammu and Kashmir, India born George hunter was a special player who played football for this amazing club.

The great thing is he also captained this club during 1914-15season and won the hearts of many there with his superb display.
As an aggressive wing half this Hunter was simply sensational and he made 14 appearances before Christmas and in January 2015 he was suspended. It is interesting to note that he scored 2 goals while he played for this MU club.

Another superb piece of information is he played for Chelsea Football club also and that was in the early part of 20th century. Those were the days when Chelsea did not have a strong team and were not powerhouses.

It is now clear that many Indians are showing keen interest in this game of football these days and in future we might see some more Indians taking part for a top club. Great news!!

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