This Indian origin Naveen Rabelli travelled 6200 miles in his Tuk-Tuk to create awareness about solar powered vehicle


The recent news that a man named Naveen Rabelli traveled remarkable distance of 6200 miles in his Tuk-Tuk has been spoken in high regards by many all over.

It must be noted that this Nave Rabelli is an engineer by profession and he is from India. Naveen Rabelli reached England after travelling distance of 6200 miles from India and he started this long journey in his Tuk-Tuk in the month of February 2016. It is now confirmed that his purpose of long travel was to create awareness about electric and solar powered vehicles as the best cost efficient alternative solution.

It is really sad that he had lost his passport and wallet as they were stolen in France. As a result he reached UK five days late than the expected date. This Naveen Rabelli of age 35 was born in India and worked in Australia and later became the citizen of Australia. Buckingham Palace is one of the most important places in England and this Naveen wants to finish his journey in this beautiful palace.

Naveen Rabelli spoke his heart out and said he was happy to receive great support from the people during his journey. It is really interesting that his Tuk-Tuk has bed, solar cooker plus other accessories like seat and cupboard. It is important to note that when he and his friend were struck in the heavy traffic in India surrounded by noisy Tuk-Tuks this Naveen Rabelli got the idea of converting fuel run Tuk-Tuk to renewable energy. Superb Naveen Rabelli!!

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