This is awesome- Ayyappa Masagi turns 84 acres of barren lands into a water bowl

Rightly he is called as ‘’Water Doctor’’ by many. This amazing person named Ayyappa Masagi has turned 84 acres of barren land into a water bowl and by this he has caught the attention of many all over. Remarkable feat isn’t it!!

This is awesome- Ayyappa Masagi turns 84 acres of barren lands into a water bowl

The problems he had faced during his childhood for the need of water had made him to take oath of finding solution for the water crisis.

It is surprising to notes that this humble person left his mechanical engineering job in the year 2002 and got involved himself in solving water crisis issue.

It is now clear that by saving 30% of rainwater one year rain would be able to sustain the entire country for about three years. This could help the 330 million people who suffer from water crisis.

One interesting piece of information is Ayyappa Masagi purchased 84 acres of barren lands in the drought area of Chilamthur near Bengaluru. He had turned these barren lands into a water bowl now in just a year of hard work with 25000 sand filled pits and four lakes.

This Ayyappa’s ‘’Water Literacy Foundation’’ is doing many good things for the people. He had authored seven books as of now and involved in the training of interns from Japan, Germany etc. His work is appreciated by many now. Superb Ayyappa Masagi!!

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