This is the reason as why Salman Khan is not happy with Singer Arijit Singh


In the age of social media you can’t hide anything. When Salman Khan Starrer Sultan got released, apart from film’s success something else was also trending on social media and that was Singer Arijit Singh’s apology on Facebook.

If you have followed newspapers and TV news, there’s a cold war which is going in between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh (if media reports are to be believed). Though in some of the interviews, Singer Arijit Singh did confirm that he has apologized to Salman on various occasions but still Bhai seems to be angry.

Here we are sharing exact reason as why this whole controversy took place. Sequences of events are:

There was an award function for which Arijit Singh wasn’t prepared as he was busy with his work. On Mukesh Bhatt’s request he agreed to attend the award function. As Arijit was working in casuals and he had to catch a flight so he went on to attend the award show as it is.He was completely tired and was almost sleeping on his seat.

Someone woke him up when his name was announced for an award. He was completely unaware about his dress and got on stage to collect his award. After seeing him in casuals and chappals media started taking his pictures and Salman Khan too in a way objected by saying ‘Tu hai winner (You’re the winner)?’

When I got on stage, he asked if I had fallen asleep. In my nervousness I blurted out, ‘Aap logon ne sula dia (you all put me to sleep).’ I immediately bit my tongue. I don’t know of any other insult. I shouldn’t have done what I did.

After this incident, Arijit Singh has apologized to Salman, personally and on social media but nothing seems to be working.

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