This is why David Dhawan and Govinda made great films!!

Pic: Wikipedia
Pic: Wikipedia

David Dhawan, the famous comedy director who has made us laugh with his films like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, Jodi NO.1 and many others. Over the decade, David Dhawan has directed many films with actors but the films he has done with the actor, Govinda were his best. According to David Dhawan, his and Govinda’s chemistry is totally on another level and they share an unbreakable bond. David Dhawan marks Govinda as the best of all actors and is a fan of his comic timings.

David Dhawan has worked with Govinda in 16 films and was known to be a latecomer on sets and here’s what David Dhawan has to say about Govinda.

According to David, Govinda is a delight for director. Though he usually arrives late on sets but he makes sure that he gives his 100% to his work. He almost works for ten hours a day, no matter at what time he would report on the sets. He is one of the fastest actors David Dhawan has ever known. His level of acting is superb and can make a shit scene into a highlight and has given each other a lot.

He is the best actor. I am writing for him; we will definitely make a film together, said David Dhawan sometime back.

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