This Lauren Wasser may have lost her leg but not her determination

It is often said that people in this world are not same and they differ from each other. It is said that most of us would have lost faith in god and the hope to live after losing our important body part. The criticisms and harassment faced by such people at the hands of others is the main reason behind losing hope to live.


A woman named Lauren Wasser has proved everybody that even without her leg which she had lost due to amputation because of Toxic Shock Syndrome,TSS, she could do what normal peoples do and live happily. Incredible isn’t it!!

New York fashion week has gained huge popularity these days and has attracted many. It is usually held in the month of February and September and in this event international fashion collections are exhibited to the purchasers, press etc. It is generally held in the New York City.


In this fashion week this Lauren Wasser made her debut and her debut was the talking point there due to the impact she had created with her determination and will power. It is said that she wore LED light dress and she was fitted with a gold prosthetic leg to help her in walking.

It is said that she got this TSS again the year 2012 caused by bacteria that can enter the body by means of a cut and circulate through blood. Her walk is said to have inspired others who also have this rare disease. Amazing Lauren!! Way to go!!

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