This motivational eBook named A Better Life that deals with starting over is superb and inspiring

This motivational eBook named A Better Life that deals with starting over is superb and inspiring

Not everybody can be like this Shawn Anderson. This man is multifaceted personality is known to all now. He is a superb writer, keynote speaker and sensational motivational speaker who had created superb impact o the people. It is great to note that this Shawn Anderson is applauded by many politicians as well as by many media personalities for his ‘’go to the extra mile philosophy’’.

His ability to produce winning results was spoken greatly these days. It must be noted that he sold earthworm to the fisherman community at the age of just ten. It is now confirmed that he would be offering the e-book A Better Life: An inspiring Story about Starting Over and it would be available on Amazon kindle from July 18th to July 22nd 2016. According to Shawn Anderson this book is for those who are down in their loves and those who had failed in relationships, for those having poor health, for those who have failed to secure job/ business etc.

The superb thing about this book is fictional story type and readers would come across a person named Amicus in this book. It is now clear that the instructor shares 21 lessons with his defeated student and these lessons could bring a great change in the life of this defeated student. This student takes note of these important lessons and starts new life with great attitude and determination to succeed. It is now said that after finishing his graduation from the University of California, Berkeley he created accountability system named ‘’SOAR’’. Superb Shawn Anderson!!

Here’s the link of the Book and website of the Author

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