This Mustafa has done well in his Pre-university examinations by writing with toes

This Mustafa has done well in his Pre-university examinations by writing with toes
Pic: YouTube

In this world some people leave their education giving lame reasons. There are people who do remarkably in studies inspite of some physical or health based issues. One such person who has done amazingly well in his pre-university examinations is this Mustafa.

It must be noted that this Mustafa wrote all his exams by using his toes only as he did not have hands. His disability since birth has not prevented him from doing well in his studies. In SSLC exams also he did very well and now in the pre-university examinations he surprised many by scoring 80 percent writing with toes.

One remarkable point to be noted is this Mustafa son of lorry driver Dasgir Sab did not take the advantage of assistance that was given for students with physical issues.

His teacher Gadilingappa expressed his delight over the score of his student Mustafa and said self confidence and positive attitude of Mustafa was great and those qualities have helped Mustafa to achieve this amazing percentage in the pre-university exams.

Mustafa has now got great dream. He wants to become an IAS officer and wants to help people and the country. Awesome Mustafa!! You inspire many!!

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