This Nigerian Girl Rahma Haruna has a medical problem andshe lives in a plastic bowl

This Nigerian Girl Rahma Haruna has a medical problem andshe lives in a plastic bowl

Anybody who comes across Rahma Haruna would be shocked initially. Reason is she is living her life in a plastic bowl.

This Nigerian girl is just 19 years of age and her limbs had not grown till now. It is now said that this is one of the strangest medical condition in human beings. This had caught the attention of many there. It is clear that she gets shifted by means of a wheel chair or in her plastic bowl. It must be noted that her family is very poor to afford and treatment to this Rahma Haruna.

The great part to be noted here is her brother really cares for her and looks after her. When most of would have lost the hope to live if we had problems like Rahma this young girl from Nigeria has got superb positive outlook of life and is determined. The important point to be noted is her family is working very hard to get money that is needed to take her to a doctor and hoping that this young girl would get the help she needs now. In this world there are many people suffering with many health issues and hoping that a day would soon come for them so that they would also be like other normal people. These people are very determined in their lives. Let us appreciate their will power and their spirit.

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