This Pangi Satti Babu from Andhra Pradesh has carried his six month old daughter above his head while moving through the flooded waters and is superb

Pic: Facebook

It is well known that recent heavy rains in the state of Andhra Pradesh has made the lives of people very tough. It is shocking to note that severe rains caused floods in these places and people struggled to keep themselves safe.

In this scenario a picture is doing rounds now and has caught the attention of many now all over. In this picture a man Pangi Satti Babu is seen carrying his six year old baby daughter well above his head and this is compared with a scene from superhit movie ‘’Baahubali’’.

It is now known that the film ‘’Baahubali’’ was a mega hit blockbuster film that captured the hearts of many with its rich grandeur and the story plus performances of the actors took the film to another level. In that film actress Ramya Krishnan would be seen carrying her child above her head when she goes through the swirling water.

Now Pangi Satti babu is being compared with actress Ramya Krishnan for his act of carrying his baby through flooded waters. It is now said that this 30 year old man from Visakhapatnam wanted to get medical help for his baby as she had high fever. It is very clear that he moved through water first and then walked 5 kms in the land to reach the doctor. This photograph was posted on FB and it shows the inaccessibility of people to medical treatment during the time of crisis. Touching!!

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