This Ranjana from Tamil Nadu wants to do yoga for over 53 hours to set world record

This Ranjana from Tamil Nadu wants to do yoga for over 53 hours to set world record
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Creating a world record is never an easy task. It involves lots of preparation, dedication, determination etc. A woman in Tamil Nadu named KP. Ranjana wants to do yoga continuously for over 53 hours and create world record. Mind boggling isn’t it!!
It must be noted that she is from Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu famous for the temples. This 34 year old Ranjana who is a lawyer is also a martial arts student and is exercising towards a record of performance of doing asanas continuously for over 53 hours. Previously Nepal based Uttam Mukan had done yoga for 50 hours and 15 minutes in the year 2015 and now Ranjana is well on her way of creating the world record. She has done 48 hours of continous yoga now.

Mahamaharishi Foundation Charitable Trust Mahayogam member Ramesh Rishi spoke about the performance if Ranjana and said she would be completing her feat at 3pm on Tuesday. He also expressed his thoughts and said Ranjana was highly determined and was taking fruits juice only from 19th June. Her 600 asanas with a rest of 5 min after every hour of yoga exercise is just amazing. Way to go!!

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