This Shiv Charan aged 82 fails in class 10 for 47th time but is still determined

This Shiv Charan aged 82 fails in class 10 for 47th time but is still determined

We all would have seen many determined people who have come up very well in their lives. This Shiv Charan of age 82 is one such highly determined person who after failing in class ten for 47th time doesn’t want to give up studies.

Kohari village in Behror town is famous these days thanks to this Shiv Charan or Pappu. In the recently announced results of class ten of Rajasthan Board of Secondary Examination this Shiv Charan once again failed to clear the papers and it is now said that he has been taking the examination in the last 47 years without success.

He now says that he would be taking the examinations till his death and is determined to come out successfully one day. It must be noted that this Shiv Charan gets old age pension from the government and is making both ends meet with that amount.

It is amazing to mention here that this Shiv Charan is still a bachelor and would tie the knot only after passing the tenth examinations. Over the years he might have had issues in seeing, hearing walking due to his old age but his ambition to pass class ten was always intact. Superb Shiv Charan!!

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