This Somnath Giram of Pune is simply superb and is inspiring many

In this world some people catch the attention of others by doing some stupendous feats. One such person is Somnath Giram of Pune. He had completed BCom, MCom and finally cleared the toughest Chartered Accountancy exams all by being a tea seller. Wow!!


It must be noted that he shifted from Solapur to Pune in the year 2006 the reason being his family could not afford for his education expenses.

This Somnath Giram worked as tea seller in Pune and earned around Rs 10,000 to Rs 12000 per month as salary. He was not satisfied with that job and with superb determination he went on to finish BCom , MCom and then CA.

It must be noted that this Somnath has been roped by the BJP government so that he would be able to inspire many students. Now the latest news is this Somnath wants to become finance minister in future after he was inspired by none other than the Indian PM Narendra Modi.

It must be noted that at present he is employed by an accountancy firm in the city of Pune. Soon he would be giving lectures to many students about his earn and learn process. This Somnath Giram is inspiration to many students. Great!!

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