This speech by Professor Chakravarthy at FEDx event is simply superb

This speech by Professor Chakravarthy at FEDx event is simply superb

Professor SR. Chakravarthy from the department of aerospace engineering, IIT Madras is well known person who has created superb impact in the field of aerospace engineering with his contributions in propulsion and combustion.

This professor who did his masters from the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology after his bachelor’s degree from renowned IIT Madras spoke about India and its rise in the field of space research and exploration by utilizing Indian made technologies.

At the TEDx event he gave the speech that touched many details related to space. He talked about exploring outer space and about people going to mars. Then he spoke about people going to moon or Jupiter so that human population would sustain after Earth.

He then shared his views on ASLV that was a well crafted failure and about PSLV as the best launched vehicle. It must be noted that GSLV 3 was rare vehicle successfully launched at first attempt on December 2014.

This professor also shed light on Mangalyaan mission to Mars and Chandrayaan mission to Moon. It is known that Mangalyaan mission was a maiden success and one of the cheapest missions.

As per him settling in Mars would not be possible by single country alone but must be done all over. He finally wants India to think as a leader and not as a follower as in another 25 years India would be second largest economy after China.

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