This taxi driver from Mumbai has done lots of sacrifices for the wellbeing and education of his daughter and is spoken highly

Pic: The Humans of Bombay

Parents play very important role in the growth and development of their kids. Parents do many sacrifices so that their kids reach top level. One such parent who has dome superbly for his daughter is a taxi driver from Mumbai.

It is important to note that ‘’The Humans of Mumbai’’ FB page has shared the touching story of this taxi driver and it is superb that this post in FB has over 11000 reactions and has got 400 plus shares on the pages of Face Book.

The taxi driver spoke about the past when he found life was difficult and how he asked his daughter to go to public school from the private school as he was not able to pay her school fees.

He spoke about how he borrowed money, ate less and also paid school fees on correct time. This 8th class school dropout has now brought up his daughter very well and he is now pinning high hopes on her. He also shared how his profession as a taxi driver was not great like other jobs as sometimes he would get money and rest of the times are bad. True facts revealed by him have touched the hearts of many now. Superb dad daughter!!

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