This Thai based Helpmet is simply superb in saving many lives

This Thai based Helpmet is simply superb in saving many lives

How would you react when you hear news that a helmet would send SOS calls in the times of emergency? Surprised right!! It is said that a Thai based company is working on this ‘’Helpmet’’ that is still in the initial stages. It must be noted that this ‘’helpmet’’ uses mobile phone network and call the help of ambulance during critical accidents.

SIM card, GPS, impact sensors plus battery are used in this ‘’helpmet’’. The interesting point to be noted here is impact of 95 g or more only is recognized by the impact sensors.

It is now said that simple accidents such as knocks, tipping over etc would not be creating impact on the sensors. As a result no alarm would be raised in those cases for the ambulance.

It is also now clear that when somebody is completely thrown from the vehicle at decent speeds there would not be necessity to call for any medical help because’’ helpmet’’ would have done its amazing work of informing the authorities concerned by smart phone technology.

It is now confirmed that helmet customers would be able to get their names, address and other contact details registered in a website hosted by the company so that the person could be contacted during emergencies. One amazing piece of information is website could also give information to paramedics like allergy history, medical history etc. Wow!!

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