This tourist did photo bombing by using the tourists as Props for his photos near Leaning Tower of Pisa and surprised many

Pic: imgur

It is known that the process of photobombing has been present since 2009 and it is becoming popular more recently thanks to some people who use their brain greatly. It was in the year 2014 that ”photobomb” word gained great respect and fame and it was named as the Word of the Year by Collins English Dictionary.

It is often said that this photo bombing is an art and is superb. Photobombing refers to the act of putting oneself purposefully or accidentally into the photographs view and the product would be amazing. Using other people in this photo bombing requires some brilliancy also.

Recently a man had taken the help of many people near the leaning Tower of Pisa for his photographs without their knowledge and created some unbelievable pictures that has become famous now. He has posted these superb photos in Imgur. His many photos are mind blowing where many people were used as Props by him in a brilliant way. It is now said that he wrote on Imgur that tourists make better background props than the Leaning tower of Pisa. Amazing!!

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