This USA based drama TV series ’’Pitch’’ on Fox channel shows the woman’s power in the game of baseball and is simply superb


It is known that from 22nd September 2016 an American drama TV series titled ‘’Pitch’’ is being shown on Fox channel and it has caught many viewers attention.

It is important to note this drama is all about a young pitcher who is known for her screwball pitch and how she becomes the first ever woman to play in the Major League Baseball or MLB. San Diego Padres team is very popular team located in San Diego in California, USA. It must be noted that this team is the west division of the National League or NL in the MLB.

It was back in 1969 this San Diego Padres team was first formed and since then it has made impact with some superb performances over the years. It is now confirmed that Kylie Bunbury who has starred in many films in the past is doing the role of Ginny Baker who is the first ever woman to play in the MLB.

This drama TV series has also got other actors like Marl Paul Gosselaar in the role of Mike Lawson as veteran catcher, Mark Consuelos as Oscar Arguella who is the general manager of the team. Apart from them others who have played their parts are Mo McRae, Meagan Holder, Tim Jo etc. It is now said that the main aim of this ‘’Pitch’’ series was to appeal to the people who lack interest in baseball.

This drama is created by Dan Fogelman and Rick Singer. On Thursday nights at sharp 9PM this ‘’Pitch’’ would be shown on Fox channel and viewers can enjoy seeing.

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