This video is a funny attempt done by TE-A-ME on US based politician Donald Trump

This video is a funny attempt done by TE-A-ME on US based politician Donald Trump

Born in the year 1946 Donald Trump is well known businessman, author, TV personality and a politician from United States of America.

It must be noted that this Donald Trump is presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for the President of USA in the elections of 2016. This video is just a hilarious attempt being made on him by the Indian based tea company.

It is said that Donald Trump has got the entire world of Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Jews, immigrants, Republicans etc worried. This video shows how a tea company named TE-A-ME from India decided to send four year worth of goodness directly to the Trump Towers of New York City in USA.

Not only that there is also a message for Donald Trump. According to the message it is confirmed that there are many superb benefits when green tea is consumed by the person. It is said that the green tea fights against harmful free radicals and it also purifies body as well as mind of the person who drinks it. Drinking this tea makes people smart and intelligent.

The video also shows how drinking the tea could cleanse a person as it is never too late. In the video we can see many people asking Donald Trump to drink the tea that is delivered to him. The video finally ends with a person saying Donald must drink the tea or else he would be fired.

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