This Wah Taj film trailer where Shreyas Talpade claim the land in which the great Taj Mahal was built is his is really sensational


It is well known that actors Shreyas Talpade and Manajari Fadnis are acting in a film named ‘’Wah Taj’’ directed by Ajit Sinha. It must be noted that the trailer of this film was released by the makers recently and it made many sit up and take notice.
The film takes place in the city of Agra where India’s most precious Taj Mahal is present.

Ace actor Amitabh Bachchans deep voice introduces the movie goers to this Agra city where one of the wonders of the world ‘’Taj Mahal’’ is present.The story of this film is very interesting one. A farmer named Tukaram played by Shreyas Talpade claims that the land on which this magnificent Taj Mahal was built belongs to him.

Many struggles that a farmer has to undergo in his life is brought out in very clear manner in this film and how the corrupt system present is making the lives of farmers tough is also touched upon. It is well known that there is a divide between the states of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh and this is highlighted in this superb film.

It is now brought out to light that this film would have a superb courtroom drama much like 2012 released film ‘’OMG- Oh My God!!’’ directed by Umesh Shukla and that movie did very well at the box office. This much awaited film would hit the movie halls come 23rd September 2016. So guys get ready soon for some great action between Tukharam versus corrupt system.

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