Tiffany LaMeia Acklin- Her painful past had made her realize her self -worth and she motivates many

Tiffany LaMeia Acklin- Her painful past had made her realize her self -worth and she motivates many

It is now confirmed that people having painful life do many amazing things and help the society. A woman named Tiffany Lameia Acklin is one such who had very painful past before. Now she had come out that past and is motivating many to realize their self-worth. Remarkable isn’t it!!

According to her it does not matter race, colour, size, gender of the people etc. There is no doubt that she had painful married life which caused great sadness in her heart. It is now said that emotional distance between her and her husband grew day by day. At that point in her life she was not confident at all.

One day she divorced her husband and turned to Bible to find peace. In Bible she got great strength. At the age of just thirty four this woman from Decatur used painful challenges of her past and is providing great strength to many.

She had taken her painful married past life in her stride and move on in her life. According to her if her married past life was not bad then she would not have been there to testify about the strength of god’s ability to heal others. This Tiffany is now living very peaceful contended life in helping many men and women to realize their self-worth and true value.

It must be noted that this Tiffany wanted to get connected with more people by means of books, lectures etc and at present she is full time staffing consultant of physicians. Amazing Tiffany Acklin!!

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