Tim Tebow – This USA based football player and a baseball outfielder gave motivation speech during the BCS National championship game in 2009 and is outstanding


Timothy Richard Tebow was a former American football player who played for the famous NFL and created superb impact on many audiences with his displays. As a baseball outfielder this Tim Tebow raised many eyebrows and was spoken highly by others.

At the University of Florida this Tim Tebrow played college football and surprised many with his talent. In the year 2007 his magnificent contributions led to the winning of Heisman Trophy.

Florida Gators is a football team that represents University of Florida in the American football and in 2007 Tim Tebow became the Florida Gators starting quarterback. It is now said that he made many heads turn when he was appointed by ESPN channel as a college football analyst.

It must be noted that at the 2009 BCS National Championship game versus Oklahoma Sooners his Florida Gators team were not performing to their potential and at the halftime the score was tied at 7-7. At this juncture Tim Tebow gave a motivational speech that had the desired effect on the players. At the half way stage he said ‘’if we get the ball we are going to hit someone and will take it downfield for a touchdown’’.

These superb words made sure that his team Florida Gators won the match beating the Sooners 24-14 and it was really marvellous. Superb Tim Tebow!!

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