Timothy Hyman: Apostle of figurative painting and art writing

Timothy Hyman Apostle of figurative painting and art writing

Timothy Hyman is a leading British figurative painter, art writer and curator. In fact, because of his enduring work calling him Apostle of figurative painting and art writing is not incorrect. Born in Hove, Sussex in year 1946, the 79 year old he started working at a tender age of 12. In the meantime, Hyman joined evening classes in a school and soon finished his high school diploma. Later on from year 1963 to 1967, he joined Slade School of Fine Art.

Hyman was fond of Sienese painting, Blake, Kirchner and Pierre Bonnard. He has published monographs on these. Apart from these being an artist he immensely contributed in Times Literary Supplement. His love for Indian art attracted him towards India and he served as a Visiting Professor in Baroda from year 1980 to 1982. He published a book on renowned Indian contemporary artist Bhupen Khakar in year 1998. He has been a visiting lecturer in Slade School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art, Central St. Martins and The Royal College of Art.

Hyman’s first exhibition Narrative Paintings held in the year 1979. Till year 2009 he has 14 exhibitions under his credit. Blond Fine Art, Whitechapel, Self Portrait and Mid River are few to name. Latest being The Man Inscribed with London.

Without taking any leave in 66 year mammoth service record, Hyman served Maryland State Highway Administration as Staff photographer. During this period he thoroughly researched and remains focused on Chesapake Bay Bridge and Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Many congratulations to him for his successful carrier and guidance all through the years and best wishes for future endeavours.

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