Top 10 Motivational Speakers in the World


Eric Thomas

He captures the 90% online videos on YouTube. He was homeless at the age of 16 and later through his will power achieved everything he wanted. He is one of the most powerful speakers in the world.


Tony Robbins

He has faced lot of abuse and chaos in his early life which led him to quit home and follow his own journey. He was born in 1960 and now has changed live of many through his influential motivational talks.


Les Brown

To everybody’s great surprise this man was referred to as mentally retarded initially but due to everybody’s encouragement he continued to study further. Now, he has the capability of motivating others to follow their dreams.


Jim Rohn

He is no more now. But, was capable of motivating others and was fond of sharing his wisdom that he had gained after working hard in his life.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

The popular body builder and an actor has a very interesting life. He kept struggling first as an army man then later as a body builder and later got an excellent break in the movies.


Zig Ziglar

He was a man who was filled with family responsibilities. He had 11 siblings and his father died very early. He has grown to become one of the best motivational speaker through the wisdom he gained all over the years.


Wayne Dyer

A counselor by profession he had his first book sold out with 35 million copies.


Robin Sharma

He is the author of ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ which changed the life of many.


Brian Tracy

He motivates people and helps them achieve their goals through his inspirational talks.


Nick Vujicic

He is the sufferer of Tetra Amelia Syndrome which is very rare and runs a foundation ‘Life without limbs’.


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