Top 10 tweets of industrialist Sanjay Dalmia that prove he’s sassier than us even in his 70s

Sanjay Dalmia needs no introduction. The septuagenarian businessman has been quite famous in the Indian as well as international business circles, owing to his impeccable negotiation skills. Running a business empire since the last four decades, Sanjay Dalmia is popularly known as a ‘turnaround specialist’. He has also inspired millions through his philanthropic activities by setting up charitable trusts like Bharat Maa Shaheed Samman Trust and Dalmia Sewa Trust, and starting ‘Masoom’ – a school for children with special needs.

For a man of his age, one might expect him to be a diplomatic speaker when it comes to political controversies or social issues. However, his Twitter account tells a different story altogether. A nationalist at heart, Sanjay Dalmia refuses to mince his words. He has repeatedly slammed several politicos over issues of social and national interests. We bring you top 10 tweets from Sanjay Dalmia’s Twitter account that proves he’s so full of sass even in his 70’s. Take a look:

  1. When he extended “Women’s Day” wishes in his own unique style:


  1. When he unabashedly called those opposing the Triple Talaq Bill ‘anti-women’:


  1. When he was unapologetically expressed his opinion about how the British ruled over India because we Indians let them to:


  1. When he didn’t flinch at voicing his concern for the Kashmiri Pandits:


  1. When he gave former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram a taste of his expertise at sarcasm:


  1. When the nationalist inside him took to Twitter to bash people who are ungrateful towards their motherland India:


  1. When the philanthropist inside him tweeted about how the country’s farmers could actually be helped:


  1. When the world came to know that his compassion is not limited to Indian farmers:


  1. When he took pride in telling the Twitterati about the great mathematicians and astronomers of ancient India:


  1. The man is so proud of his country:


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