Top 5 Global Viral websites



It was launched about a decade ago in 2006. It has the right mix of viral content, breaking news and entertainment. As the name suggests, Buzzfeed is already getting a lot of buzz internationally. People love to visit it regularly and they find content posted on it very entertaining. It has millions of visitors to its credit and is growing leaps and bounds to break all records.



It is more of a blogging platform where people openly express their feelings, ideas and opinion. Due to its popularity and the number of users it has become more like a social networking platform.



It is a popular website for new stories. You get everything related to new stories that you would want to read. It brings in a lot of happiness, sadness, empathy and opens up the doors to new thinking. People like this website a lot and it has got a large online readership. It is highly thought provoking and such inspiring stories are there on it that could change the life of many.



It helps the viewers to watch some of the most popular videos online.  It covers the current news but with a positive skeptical analysis to it. MIC was formed in 2011 and was covered with a new way of presenting the conventional wisdom of analysis and induction. This platform allows and encourages people to start up healthy discussions on the current happenings on the world to let them express their views freely.


Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is another popular website which is meant for nice stories and budding ideas. The content posted here is very interesting and healthy. You would love to read the stuff here and which is why it has got millions of people reading its stories, slogans and ideas everyday.


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