Wow! MOMOS inspiring story


Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai in 2008 got together to start Wow! Momos in India. With a small investment of merely 30,000 Rs. Wow! Momos started offto give unique variety and taste of momos to all momo lovers.

With their consistency, innovation and dedication they are currently operating in 61 stores across india. In the coming year, they plan to open up 100 more stores to their credit. Their turnover is in millions now.

They have all varieties of momos such as fried, steamed, baked, sizzler and are served in different varieties made of chicken, mushrooms, fish, prawn, vegetables, paneer, spring onion and chocolate. The average costing at WOW! Momos is Rs 100 only. What makes them different in their business is their organized approach.


There are a lot of unorganized players in the market too and the industry is growing up really fast. Lot many new entrants are coming up and the market is expected to grow further. Competition only makes things better is what Sagar believes. He says that earlier for fast food also there were very few players which have grown out to grab a large market over the past decade.

People love to eat outside and spend some fun time together. Moreover, the busy lifestyle hardly leaves any space for cooking at home. The current turnover of WOW! Momos have grown up to be 40 crores and is growing further at a very fast pace. The Indian market is expanding really fast and the momos are pretty much in demand. The youngsters specially love the concept of momos are seen munching it often by the road sides. The current presence of Wow! Momos is in few cities and they want to do their best in wherever they are present.

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