Trainer Andrew Raposo unique slimming method is just amazing

To lose 52 pounds or 24 kgs nearly in less than six weeks is not a joke. But a person named Amy Raposo achieved this amazing weight loss and has set an example for many others. It is well known that excessive fat is responsible for many health issues such as diabetes, stokes, Alzheimer’s etc.

Trainer Andrew Raposo unique slimming method is just amazing

A method called as flat belly overnight was used by trainer Andrew to make his sister Amy lose incredible 52 pounds in less than six weeks of time.

It must be noted that this method could reduce 2 pounds of abdominal fat overnight and Andrew has now tried this method on his sister as she had fat in her belly area and it was creating big problems for her.

It must be noted that Andrew has been using this method on many fighters as well as professional athletes. Amy made little changes in the method and used it to reduce her weight.

It is now confirmed that Amy made changes like 3 minute exercise and some changes in diet like using herbs etc.
One important point here is metabolism- foods were taken by Amy and it kept her metabolism running and exercise helped in burning of calories. The herbs taken by Amy helped in the removal of toxins and free radicals from the body.

Finally she was able to reverse her health issues that troubled her greatly. By this weight reduction process this Amy was able to reduce sugar, cholesterol and BP. Great!!

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