Transformation in Education system

19th century educational practices are still being continued when most practices are been modified like communication (telephone to mobile), manufacturing technology (basic work – automation), Transportation(normal train-bullet train), so what is going to be the future of our education and entrance exams ,presently we see all India level engineering and medical exam been conducted like JEE MAIN 2018, NEET 2018. These exams are good at the national level where everyone gets equal opportunity in the country to enter into engineering colleges or medical colleges.

Let’s imagine a school where it is not about only knowledge feeding to the children but also about an interactive way of education being imparted to the students, students should be given an opportunity to question regarding whether what we are studying makes sense. In today’s world where every aspect of living is being changed why do, we still follow our age-old old system. Curiosity is not being created in the minds of students, but a forceful educationist been tried to impart, which after some time they forget and they have no relevance to their lifestyle. Something needs to be changed right. Why is that student feel burden about their studies rather than they should be feeling curious? We have failed to understand these components and judge a student based on marks been scored.

When do we have next level of education, even some of the developed countries are still following the routine method of education and evaluation system? Well actually countries like India, Brazil have changed the way education is been taught in some slum areas here importance is not given to the knowledge been possessed by the teacher but by the interactive sessions, engaging the students through art, dance so that students are excited to come to the college and enjoy with the fellow mates. Peer learning concept can create wonders if it’s channelized in an appropriate manner in colleges but this happens in poverty covered area where students do not have the amenities to learn but still, you could see the importance and the need the students have in their minds.

Education in socially deprived area has seen transformation. Education is supported through mid-day meals and other facilities which students like and crave them to come to school but students in cities are resistant to go to school their minds are not open to knowledge or creativity. The only factor they need to achieve is percentile this kind of mentality needs to be changed among students for the betterment of the future, because the way I see it is not leading any returns or students are not able to receive what quality education is all about and we need transformation in the educational method so that future generation go through the right path rather than following the conservative system of education, it’s the right education which matters ultimately and the approach.

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