Transgenders posing as sari models for Kerala based sari designer is simply superb

Transgender community is often not given same respect like male genders or female genders. The trans-genders are often criticized, humiliated by many. Recently in Kerala what one ssari designer has done in this aspect would make most of us feel ashamed and change our opinions regarding Transgender community.

Transgenders posing as sari models for Kerala based sari designer is simply superb

Sharmila Nair a Kerala based designer for her sari model ‘’Red Lotus’’ selected best trans-genders as models and thereby created great impact. She took many pictures of these trans-genders posing with her sari model and these pictures have now gone viral.

It is now said that Maya Menon and Gowri Savithri the two trans-genders used as model in this sari could be regarded as changing times in Indian history. These two trans-genders are seen wearing handloom cotton saris and they looked stunning and had caught the attention of many now.

It must be noted that the saris are available in many colours of the rainbow and it symbolizes trans-genders. This idea of Sharmila Nair to have trans-genders as the sari model is now appreciated by many. One important thing is Sharmila Nair wanted to break the conventional fashion type and using trans-genders as model would go long way in achieving this.

It is well known that Kerala became the first ever state in November 2015 to release trans-gender policy that would empower as many as 25000 trans-genders and give them the right to equality, dignity and development. Superb!!

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