Travelling to France to play football- a dream come true for these four underprivileged kids


Dream a Dream is a charitable trust in Bengaluru doing amazing work in the recent times. This trust is involved in making children belonging poor economic background realize their dreams of making it big. It is now said that four underprivileged children named Harshitha, Navnita, Pasha and Manoj would be getting their dreams turn into reality of playing with children from all over the world in France.

Street Football Festival in France has become highly popular these days as it had created great impact all over. It is said that from 28th of June till 7th of July 2016 this festival would be held in France and about 500 under privileged children all over the globe would be taking part in football, workshops etc and would have amazing time with many new friends. It must be noted that these four kids were chosen after some matches that were played to select the kids for the festival in France.


Shubodini English High School must be proud that one of its students named Navnita of class nine would be travelling to France for the event. This had made Navnita so happy now. She is of the view that going to France and to know the places and people there would be amazing at her age apart from playing her desired football there. It must be noted that the amazing skills of soccer player Ronaldinho had inspired her to play the game as he was her favourite.


Manoj another kid who was selected to play in France expressed his happiness and said that it was a great opportunity to play in France and inspite of coming from poor background he always had dream of playing for India and now it would soon happen.

Ronaldo fan Harshitha of class ten in Stella Mary’s School always wanted to prove that girls can also play outdoor games like football and appreciated the encouragement she received from her mother in playing football.

Arbaz Pasha was also delighted that he would be soon travelling to France to play football and his hard work for the last five years is now fruitful.

It must be noted that Pavithra a delegation leader from Dream a Dream would also be going along with these kids and was of the view that many girl’s dreams and wishes usually go unnoticed and this amazing festival in France would make them realize their dreams and wishes. Awesome!!

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