True incident behind making the Movie Banjo is quite inspiring


Banjo is Riteish Deshmukh and Nargis Fakhri starrer new Hindi film. This film is getting all appreciation because of its story and music. You will surely be excited to know everything about the title Banjo and as it looks completely different. Well there’s an inspiring story behind making of Banjo. While speaking to Indian Express, film’s Director Ravi Jadhav shared the real reason behind origination of the movie. This is really amazing.

Street musicians are present across the nation and not only in Maharashtra. Street music is so beautiful. Internationally, hip-hop, rock, reggae all trace their origins to street music. Abroad street music and musicians get a platform to showcase their music. I remember the incident which pained me and led me to start researching on this topic was when at a wedding I saw kids singing and playing and people throwing money at their performance.

I started researching and learnt that these musicians don’t get platforms to showcase their talent. Also, these people primarily play music to earn money and keep their house running. They play cover versions of popular Bollywood numbers on streets, at weddings and at other places. The reason why they don’t perhaps think original is because they don’t get a platform and music for them is primarily a tool for survival. There is beautiful line which says, ‘kab tak bajayega doosre ki dhun kabhi apne dil ki sunn’. Composing your own tune is important but not easy. (Source: Indian Express)

Look forward to watch the movie.

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