True story of Bisma narrated by Gulzar – #HamariPari A Hero MotoCorp CSR initiative

True story of Bisma narrated by Gulzar - #HamariPari A Hero MotoCorp CSR initiative

There are many children in India who are unable to study at schools and colleges due to a poor economic background and thus denied a bright future. A large number of these are girls who are left at home to help with the household work. For all these deprived children, Hero MotoCorp’s CSR initiative called Hamari Pari has opened a learning avenue for 100000 girls who are supported in education and learning.

This film tells us the true story of Bisma, a girl who lost her father when she was five years old. Unable to manage two children and the household, Bisma’s mother left the village and moved to Srinagar. Working at people’s homes, she did all that she could to support the family. Little Bisma helped her too in her own way till she saw girls going to school. The Hamari Pari initiative helped Bisma to realise her dream of getting educated and is a beacon of hope of many like her.

This true story is a heart-warming one and rendered with perfection by its makers and is narrated by the deep and moving voice of Gulzar. Watch this film here!

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