Two boys have proved poverty is not a drawback to excel


Everybody in this world cannot become great. People achieve star status only when they do things which others have not done before. If the person is from very poor financial background and achieves great things then that person achievements are considered special.

Two young boys named Aman Yadav aged 13 and Anil Man Singh aged 14 are now stars in their places of residence apart from being talked in great esteem in their schools.

At the Sakaram Tare Municipal Corporation School, Dahisar this Aman Yadav is regarded highly these days. At the recent inter-school Mumbai School Sports Association for under 14 categories Aman won gold medal.

It must be noted that Aman Yadav of class six has been training under his coach Jatin patel in boxing. Ever since he was young Aman had great interests in boxing. It is said that students from class six onwards are only allowed for this tough sport and when Aman reached class six he applied immediately for boxing.

It must be noted that his parents were not interested in Aman’s boxing as it could created injuries to Aman. Aman so keen to showcase his boxing talent skills never bothered about his parents and went on with his passion towards boxing.

The other boy who has been doing so well in boxing is Anil Man Singh who has been playing with MSSA had already won the gold medal in the previous MSSA and silver medal in Under 14 category. At the famous Tare school Anil had watched his friend do boxing and this had inspired him to take up this tough sport.

It must be noted that even Anil Man Singh’s parents were not interested in Anil doing boxing and want their son to excel in studies. Anil Singh wants to become a professional boxer in the future and does great hard work. lt must be noted that Anil is now studying in Rajda School, Borivali.

The financial situation of both these boys was so bad that they don’t even have their own boxing gloves or helmet. This had not come in the way for these hardworking boys to excel in boxing.

It is said that Sailesh Tripathy a boxer had inspired these two kids to take up boxing. At the Dahisar Sports Foundation these two boys get trained and this foundation is treating these two boys as very special and free training is now given for these two boys. Wow!! Great news!!

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