Two Indian-Americans got selected for prestigious poet program to be organised in White House.

Two Indian-Americans got selected for prestigious poet program to be organised in White House.

Washington: According to the news the White House has confirmed about the prestigious National Students Poet Program, two Indian-Americans, Maya Eashwaran and Gopal Raman have made their way among the five students participating in the poet program. The news has been confirmed in an official announcement by Michelle Obama, US first lady and is all set to welcome the budding poets into the program at the White House on September 8.

This is the first time that Indian-Americans have made it to the prestigious program, sources confirmed.

Maya Eashwaran hails from Alpharetta in Georgia and Gopal Raman is from Dallas in Texas. The other participants are Stella Binion from Chicago, Joey Reisberg from Towson in Maryland and Maya Salameh from San Diego in California.

National Students Poet Program since its starting in 2011 has showcased the key role of writing and the arts in academic and personal success for audiences across the country and from a pool of outstanding writers, five National Student Poets are being chosen every year who have received national scholastic Art and Writing award in poetry in grades 9-11.

A first generation Indian-American, Eashwaran writes about foreigners, often incorporating personal experiences dealing with assimilation in the modern age while Gopal Raman, a senior at St Mark’s School of Texas, poetry distills images and emotions into a form that brings people together. Raman for his inspiration in poetry cites poets like Billy Collins, Wallace Stevens, and Walt Whitman.

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