Usain Bolt- This Jamaican sprinter is born to run in his life and is simply outstanding and inspiring many


In the recent times no other sports person has caught the attention of many all over than this Usain Bolt from Jamaica. Sports needs heroes and Usain Bolt is one such hero who has made big impression on many people with his stupendous running talent and energy. The greatness of this Usain Bolt is known from the fact that he is the first person to have both 100m as well as 200m world records and also holds record in the 4# 100 m relay running.

This Usain Bolt is regarded as the greatest sprinter ever to set foot as he had achieved many in sprinting. Getting a single gold medal in Olympics is very tough this Usain Bolt has 9 such gold medals and is sensational. It is now certain that this Usain Bolt has taken part in his last Olympics and this had saddened many all over. Jennifer Bolt is the mother of this legend Usain Bolt and she speaks highly of her son who had made her family and Jamaica proud so many times before.

According to Jennifer her Usain bolt was born to run. This Usain Bolt comes from a place near Montego Bay and it was from this place another sprinter named Ben Johnson came and made huge impact. At the school Usain Bolt was simply superb and by the age of 12 Usain Bolt was fastest in school and was cynosure of many eyes. Jennifer Bolt also shared few interesting things like keeping Usain Bolt cool by saying things that would make her son laugh. Amazing Usain Bolt!!

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